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Tribal Experiences


Manju and I riding Boobay to the village


After visiting the Maesa Elephant Camp, Manju and I took an hour elephant ride to the village of Akha. Here we found a gathering of several different tribes including a longneck Karen tribe who wore rings around their necks and legs.


You can see even I got in on the action. The good news is it looked like the rings were all removable. Still, while the girls were wearing the rings, they were not very mobile. Most just sat and worked at a loom, making things for the tourists to buy. This picture shows one of the younger girls, but the older girls had 10+ rings on their necks and each of their legs. There was not much smiling among these girls.

I must admit that when we first got to this village, we were hit with several tables lined up in a row of things to sell. It felt like a tourist trap and I was ready to write this little village off as just that until we ran into the heroes. There were four little girls who’s innocence and curiosity and genuineness saved the day.


I gladly handed over my camera and ipod and they had an absolute blast taking pictures of us and each other. They could’ve filled up a memory card in an hour easily, and believe me they look dozens of photos in not a lot of time. Here are just a few of their masterpieces.ImageImage


The one little girl made me do all the 3 or she wouldn’t take the picture. I had to do the peace sign, the chin frame, and the cheek puff!


An artistic zoom in of Manju’s pants.


I couldn’t get over how cute they were. They also had the best English in the village! They took Manju’s and my hand and led us all through the village, all the way to the church at the top of the hill. This is where we played around and I taught them new vocabulary (like hop), and directional words (like front and back), and even irregular nouns! (like foot and feet). It was a lovely impromptu English lesson that they weren’t even aware I was giving them. So much fun.

It was sad to had to leave them behind, but they showed us a different side of a village that had started to become jaded with tourism. Oh! Before I forget, I had a hilarious time trying to teach them “My name is….”

Me: “My name is Jeff”

Lily: “My name is Jeff”

Me: “No no, your name is Lily”

Lily: “Your name is Lily”

This degenerated into laughter and them calling each other Jeff and Lily. I will definitely miss those girls. They made it a very special day.



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