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Jungle Flight Ziplining Adventure

Here I am flying through the jungle on a zipline. The person you hear screaming while filming me is one of our guides, Jackie. I went with a company called Jungle Flight. It’s not the most popular, but it is about 600Baht cheaper, which attracted this traveler.


Unfortunately for me, I’ve done several adrenaline pumping things in my lifetime (skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, and one humongous zipline in Singapore from the top of a mountain down to the beach). SO, ziplining from tree to tree and abseiling was fun, but not enough to elicit thrilled screams of excitement from me.

There were things Jackie let me do that made it a little more fun for me. For example, in the video I’m definitely upside-down for a little bit. Staring at the ground 30m below flying by is pretty surreal. I also abseiled (went straight down a rope) upside-down, spiderman style!


You can’t see it in these pictures but yes, I was shooting pretend webbing from my hands on the way down.

This is a picture of the whole course. It’s supposed to take several hours but that’s with a big group of scaredy cats who need lots of encouragement and time for each zipline.

ImageNotice the happy ending ^_^ This is where I spidermanned down and landed on a big mat.

But this big long course did not take long for our small group of four who were the first ones there. I had a 6:30am pickup from my guesthouse. Then about an hour drive out into the jungle and up up up a winding road that alternated between paved, and dirt. I apologize for the Gangnam Style dance, it wasn’t my idea. Also, my ziplining buddies were all Chinese, not Korean (probably why they still supported doing Gangnam Style poses).Image

 It was a great way to spend the first half of a day.


 Here’s a look from one of the platforms. You can see two cables. On the longer zips, we strapped onto two lines for extra safety.


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