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Elephant Kisses

ImageStrongest kiss, ever. I’m glad it was just on the cheek or I’m pretty sure my lips would’ve come off like old band-aids. And then I’d be lipless in Thailand. Weird.

This day started at 6am, packing my things at Karen Farm and riding with Mr. Sao on a motorbike to the bus station. He was so nice he forgot to ask for payment, and I was so rushed I almost forgot as well. I remembered just in time and we finished up our little transaction as the bus pulled up. I gave him a hug goodbye plus many thank yous.

To my surprise, at the next bus stop we picked up Pyo Jeong and Manju, a very nice Indian lady who shared all her fruit with everyone. I was headed directly to an elephant camp and Manju decided to join me. When we got to Maesa Elephant Camp, we said goodbye to Pyo Jeong and went in.


It was a beautiful camp that’s been around since the 1970’s. I learned that the elephants all sleep in the jungle, except for the babies and their mothers, who get to stay in the special nursery area. Each elephant is given one mahout, or trainer, for life. They go get the elephants at 5 in the morning, and send them back before dusk. Here is our Mahout and elephant Boobay that took us to a little village about an hour away by elephant foot.


I’ll talk about the village more in depth in the next post. For the rest of this post, I’ll just share some more photos and videos of the elephants. These elephants did some cute tricks such as

playing soccer

throwing darts

and some other things like painting picturesImageImage

and basketball


It was a cute show, and the elephants seem to be well taken care of. Walking around the nursery, there were elephants walking around with their mahout and you could go right up to them and pet them. There was a pregnant elephant who looked like she was going to pop from the beast inside her. I’m glad I never have to be an elephant mom. I can’t imagine interacting so freely with elephants anywhere else. I’m glad I got to experience these gentle giants in such a personal way.


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