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Another Korean Surprise, Thrice Over

Image셀카! or selka, or self camera, or taking pics of yourself

This is the thing to do in Korea, and I had to do a little 셀카 with Pyojeong who I met at Mindful Farms. I never expected to meet Koreans in Thailand but lo and behold, after finding the Korean hotel on Ko Tao, I ran into not one, not two, but three more Koreans in the hills of Chiang Mai! Pyojeong was volunteering like me, but there were two other retired Koreans who were living on the farm, Ben and his wife. It’s been a lot of fun practicing my Korean and just talking about Korea (Ben and his wife left Korea for Australia 25 years ago and were very interested to here how it is now.) I love these little bonuses of traveling.

A little more Korea in Thailand? Why not?

ImageDoraemon floor covering in Karen Village!

Conclusion: You just can’t escape Korea, not that that’s a bad thing 😉

Edit: By the way, if you were wondering who that other fella is in the main picture, that’s our bus driver. Very nice man who was up and down, on and off the roof of the bus with our backpacks and many other goods he delivered. And no, I have no idea what he is doing in the picture. Maybe trying to cover his face quickly? I assure you everyone else could wear clothes properly.

Also, a shameless plug for Pyo Jeong (no, she did not ask me to share this) She is a photographer and this is her website so check it out!


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