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I Miss You, Ko Tao


I was incredibly busy diving and sleeping in Ko Tao. Diving really takes it out of ya! (or maybe I was just catching up on all the sleep I lost in Korea the last two years) On my last day, I finally rented a motorbike (*my preferred mode of transportation in southeast asia) for a cool $5 for the day. With said motorbike I headed straight for all the viewpoints on the island. The picture above is Mango viewpoint at the north of the island looking south. Probably the best view of the island, ever. I didn’t want to leave this spot, but I had a taxi/ferry/and bus to catch starting at 6pm and had to scoot, literally, to all the other places on my list.


There was a couple of suspected German descent who hiked up to this point. If I was them, my body would oblige me to stay for at least two days before descending.


Along my journey I also found this little gem! I skidded to a hault in front of the sign and then looked across the street to the real deal and saw what I suspected were Koreans eating linner (lunch/dinner). After a deftly stated “Ahnyeonghaseyho?” my suspicions were confirmed that these were indeed Koreans because they 1. understood and 2. went 와우! Also, they started to speak Korean back to me at which point I said you’re talking too fast and we went back to English. I broke proper Korean form by not taking a picture with them, or of the bibimbap and kimchi jiggae they were eating, but it was great giving them a little white-guy-speaking-korean-on-ko-tao surprise.

It’s a great diving island, this Ko Tao place. I may just be back to do my Rescue and Dive Master courses with Sascha, the great German instructor who will one day open a dive school in Myanmar. I write that, just so I can remember to check for dive schools in Myanmar in the future (and to give Sascha hell if he hasn’t opened a school there yet).


                                                                                                            (Sascha is on the left)

I write this from a little massage shop in Bangkok that is letting me use their wifi. $10 thai massage for an hour, take that America and other places with inflation yet relatively well-off economies! My train for Chiang Mai leaves in two hours from this place.


I’ve got lots to do, such as staying with an organic farmer who is a member of the Karen tribe. the Jungle Flight experience (ziplines in the rainforest), riding an elephant, checking out pandas at the zoo, and just partying in Tyler Pierce’s footsteps as he’s recommended two hostels for me to stay at. This works out really well since I won’t have to explain the doubleclap. They will just know.


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