My travels, adventures, and mishaps

Hello Au$tralia. OUCH!

Another thing I’ll chalk up to a “mishap”. It’s called, arriving too late in Melbourne to take public transportation. The picture you see is of my cab fare. That hurt … Continue reading

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Jungle Flight Ziplining Adventure

Here I am flying through the jungle on a zipline. The person you hear screaming while filming me is one of our guides, Jackie. I went with a company called … Continue reading

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Tribal Experiences

Manju and I riding Boobay to the village After visiting the Maesa Elephant Camp, Manju and I took an hour elephant ride to the village of Akha. Here we found … Continue reading

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Elephant Kisses

Strongest kiss, ever. I’m glad it was just on the cheek or I’m pretty sure my lips would’ve come off like old band-aids. And then I’d be lipless in Thailand. … Continue reading

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Another Korean Surprise, Thrice Over

셀카! or selka, or self camera, or taking pics of yourself This is the thing to do in Korea, and I had to do a little 셀카 with Pyojeong who … Continue reading

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This Is A Karen Post

Meet Mr. Sao and Mama, two farmers from the Karen tribe outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. They don’t consider themselves Thai. In fact, they are very proud of their Karen … Continue reading

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I Miss You, Ko Tao

I was incredibly busy diving and sleeping in Ko Tao. Diving really takes it out of ya! (or maybe I was just catching up on all the sleep I lost … Continue reading

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